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Opioid Response


Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 6:00pm ET - 7:00pm ET
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Opioid Response


Lieutenant J.D. Postage ACP, NRP, EMSI

Credits Offered

This event offers 1.0 CE credit to attendees.
Accredited by Hennepin Technical College and the Paramedic Network™.


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Opioid Response

Wednesday, February 24 2021 at 6:00pm ET 

The Ohio Department of Health, Community Partners™, Hennepin Technical College, and the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, invite you to join us for our continuing professional development and education webinar series. An enlightening presentation and interactive discussion on “Opioid Response”, by J.D. Postage. Continuing education for EMS and Nursing will be awarded by Hennepin Technical College and the Paramedic Network™.

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Lieutenant J.D. Postage ACP, NRP, EMSI

J.D. started his fire service career in 1997 with Bloom Township Fire Department where he developed the Explorer Program. Hired by Violet Township Fire Department in 1998, he was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008 and became the EMS Coordinator, overseeing all EMS operaMons for the department. APer implemenMng a new electric report wriMng system, car seat installaMon program, and developing the community paramedic program, J.D. moved to the posiMon of community paramedic. This program provides free home visits for the residents of Violet Township and J.D. has completed over 2,400 visits since 2016. J.D. has a passion for the pracMce of Paramedicine and Community Paramedicine. He has served as chairman of EMS OperaMons for the Central Ohio Trauma System, assisted in the development of legislaMon allowing paramedics to operate in non-emergent response, became a founding member or the Fairfield County Overdose Response Team and is currently serving as president of the Pickerington Area Resource CoaliMon. In addiMon, J.D. has maintained an ED Paramedic posiMon with NaMonwide Children’s Hospital, introducing new EMTs and Paramedics to the world of pediatrics. Being an educator at heart, J.D, has offered his experMse and presentaMon for a number of organizaMons and conferences throughout the US. J.D. has three beauMful daughters; Angela, Kaylee, and Isabelle. He enjoys watching them play soccer, run track, and parMcipant in gymnasMcs and cheerleading. 

Paramedic Network is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Development Education for Emergency Medical Services by the Ohio EMFTS Board (provider# 1422). HennepinTechnical College is a nationally accredited member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Monash University is accredited and/or recognized by the Department of Education and Training, Australia, ranking within the top 100 Universities internationally.